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Public sector job applicants already know the answer! Applications for public sector roles require applicants to submit a resume, as well as responses to selection criteria points, or a statement of claims addressing role requirements or a capability framework. Use the STAR formula to construct your answer. Highlight your relevant skills and experience by describing your major responsibilities in current or previous employment this may include relevant non-paid work. Ideally, examples should be recent and relevant. We then ask if you can send us your existing resume and any supporting documentation. Our writers are skilled at getting the right information from you and crafting a selection criteria document that uses examples from your background to demonstrate your capacity to fill your targeted role. Contact Us We are leaders in our field.

When employers set key selection criteria for job applications, they are given very high priority in the application selection process. Once we have all the information we need, we can then proceed.

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These vacancies require candidates to submit a resume and responses to selection criteria points, or a statement of claims addressing capability requirements. One on one service Our team of professional writers will work with you on a one-on-one basis to find out what your skills, experience and knowledge are and then match them to the selection criteria or required capabilities in the job description.

At Select Resumes, we specialise in creating professional and well structured career documents that showcase our clients skills, achievements and career history. Your answers to each criterion should have at least 1 — 2 prime and concrete examples that demonstrate your aptitude in that given area and shows you can do what they are after.

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What did you do and how did you do it, that demonstrates the criterion you are addressing? We use this to write compelling evidence that you meet the selection criteria in a concise way. A 30 day guarantee period applies to all jobs During this time you can request any revisions or amendments to any part of the writing, editing and design process. We try to follow the 'SAO' approach when writing out a response. Next, I decided to make up the shortfall by approaching local businesses for sponsorship. Follow the guideline in the instructions. Do I have to supply selection criteria responses? Applicants with relevant and credible examples of the key criteria are more likely to make it to the top of the pile. Candidates who write good responses to the criteria are usually the first ones to be considered. Think of as many as you can, before using STAR to flesh them out and provide the detail. Note that you should use examples every time — regardless of whether the selection criteria statement uses those words. We know that having to complete selection criteria responses and capability statements can be a really confusing, overwhelming and time-consuming process.

Since career achievements can be complex and hard to understand completely from an outside perspective, it can be highly beneficial to have a professional writer ask the right questions and write down the relevant details for you.

The more preparation you do, the better your answers will be, says Grant.

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Application Process The NSW Government application process typically requires candidates to submit: A resume of no more than 5 pages, that is clear, organised and showcases your experience that is most relevant to your targeted role A cover letter providing a brief introduction to yourself and your skills, achievements and experience A one to two page statement addressing the targeted questions outlined in the role description Depending on the role you are applying for, the application requirements can vary, so it is necessary to carefully read the role description to understand what is needed.

Your responses to the selection criteria in a statement of claims or online application form will be more detailed and contain enough evidence to convince the employer that you meet the job criteria.

Follow our 9 golden rules to ace that key selection criteria: Golden rule 1: Understand the process. Applying for Jobs 2 minutes How to address key selection criteria How badly do you want that job?

Help writing a selection criteria australia

More often than not, government positions will require you to address Selection Criteria. This can include addressing how your skills align with the competency and capability frameworks for the role or responses to a series of selection criteria points. Firstly, note that selection criteria are each assessed separately. For example, selection criteria responses can have a set word limit ranging between words to words or a specified page limit. There are plenty of government and academic web sites that give some guidance on how to write selection criteria responses. Western Australia With over agencies in the Western Australian Public Sector, offering a wide range of career pathways, opportunities exist for job seekers in all fields and at all levels. Ask if that person would employ you based on your replies to the key criteria.
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