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In response, Larry made an effort to weave relevant first-hand accounts into his different case wrap-ups.

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Danaher was a fast growing company that had 14 subsidiaries. Unrelated diversification is very expensive and a firm must have the capital to maintain the status. These improvements, in all operating metrics, especially free cash flows, provide the model will billions of dollars each year to acquire more business. Working in a big factory where tractors and construction equipment were built was a stark contrast to anything he had previously experienced. Keenan and Jill Avery For decades, American parents were warned to avoid introducing potential allergens to their babies prior to their first birthday. The business model continually feeds the operation new business, ripe for DBS implementation. DBS sustained the culture of Danaher Corporation throughout all their many business acquisitions. He has placed an emphasis on closing the gap between the divergent conversations of the what strategy and the how action plan. Simply put, some businesses are simply worth more in the hands of Danaher than anyone else. This was a chance Larry felt he could take coming out of HBS.

Now, the new company had to turn its product into a brand and map its go-to-market strategy, including creating a compelling value proposition, choosing a path to market that was either direct-to-consumer, through grocery retailers, or via the physician channel, and planning its marketing communications and sales strategy.

What Next? Great leaders, Larry says, do more than just entertain both, they ensure that these are one conversation. Starting with lean manufacturing, and spreading to improving growth and even leadership, the Danaher Business System is an attempt to research, document, and replicate how to do almost anything, from locating printers in your office, to managing inventory in your warehouse, and filtering leads in a sales funnel.

Adjacencies were businesses that once acquired were still solely a stand-alone business. Elizabeth A. Larry began his career under the obscure title of Marketing Projects Coordinator, overseeing a product launch at a recently acquired company.

These are some of the statements Larry made in class that she kept note of throughout the semester. Larry managed to follow those instructions and the product launch remains one of the most successful in Danaher history.

It allows you to see how the daily routine operations take place in the company and create ways to better perform those routine tasks in a more efficient time and increase productivity. It continually drives the companies businesses through a never-ending cycle of continuous improvement and change, always looking to be better than yesterday.

DBS exposes management to an array of continuous improvement tools, which they then apply during week-long visits to team meetings, factories and labs. He has placed an emphasis on closing the gap between the divergent conversations of the what strategy and the how action plan.

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